May 032010

Since I’m currently busy with installing multiple ESX servers in our test environment, I needed to create about 32 DNS records. Well since I’m lazy and I’ve really been loving Powershell I thought it would be a nice challenge to use PowerShell and of course the powerful DNScmd command. Since we have a logical IP plan, I could use the following script.

1..32 | % {iex ([string]::format(“dnscmd /RecordAdd ESXhost{0} /createPTR A 192.168.10.{0}”,$_))}

Of course there are many other ways. For example, using a CSV file to import the DNS records.

For example:

Import-CSV c:\DNS.csv | foreach {dnscmd /RecordAdd $_.Zone $_.hostname /createPTR A $_.IPaddress}

However, keep in mind that PowerShell uses comma separated files and not the semicolon separated file which Excel automatically creates. So for example, use:


Instead of:


May 012010

I have a couple of Microsoft Second Shot vouchers available which you can use until June 30th, 2010. Please feel free to use them if you want. Please note, they are only applicable for The Netherlands.

VoucherId Voucher Type Country
92058406FJ Second Shot Netherlands
9205841YRE Second Shot Netherlands
9205841YRE Second Shot Netherlands
9205842DFJ Second Shot Netherlands
9205843QMK Second Shot Netherlands
920584419W Second Shot Netherlands
92058458X4 Second Shot Netherlands
9205846T27 Second Shot Netherlands
9205847HJA Second Shot Netherlands
9205848147 Second Shot Netherlands
9205849WCS Second Shot Netherlands
920584AKNC Second Shot Netherlands
Apr 292010

Yesterday, I received a request to clear out a user attribute in Active Directory , specifically the ‘OtherTelephone’ attribute. Although I know you can do this with ldife, I wanted to do this with PowerShell. And although I’m not a PowerShell Guru I thought this would be a challenge.

Anyhow, before I could even start I needed to created some test accounts in my lab. For this I used the following script. It created 20 users for me.

1..20 | ForEach { New-QADUser -ParentContainer -Name ("Test" + $_)}

Then I had to set the OtherTelephone attribute. At first I did it manually, but what would be the fun of that? So I created another script and guess what? It worked. 🙂

get-QADuser –SearchRoot | foreach {Set-QADuser -identity $_.samaccountname -ObjectAttributes @{otherTelephone=(‘121312345’)}}

And then to do my main objective, I needed to clear OtherTelephone out. The script below worked for me. I don’t know if this is the best solutions but it worked. 🙂 Note that it will search all nested OU’s within the selected OU.

get-QADUser -SearchRoot | foreach {Set-QADUser –Identity $_.samaccountname -ObjectAttributes @{otherTelephone=@{Clear=@()}}}

The get-QADUser and other interesting AD related CMDlets are available from Quest. If you do a lot with AD, I really suggest you download those CMDlets. They are free of charge. 🙂

Apr 222010

The current expected release date for the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway exam is July 23th 2010, although that might shift when it comes closer.

70-157: Exam MCTS
MCTS: Forefront Integrated Security, Configuring
July 23th 2010

Regarding a TMG MCITP cert, there is no information about that at the moment.

Edit: 29 July 2010.

Yesterday I found somewhere else that the official dates should be around the end of October.

TS: Microsoft Forefront Network Security, Configuring
premeditated Release-Date: October 20, 2010
TS: Microsoft Forefront Identity & Access Management, Configuring
premeditated Release-Date: October 22, 2010
TS: Microsoft Forefront Secure Messaging and Collaboration, Configuring
premeditated Release-Date: October 29, 2010

Edit: 21 October 2010.

A couple of weeks ago (during my holiday) I found at the dutch global knowledge website the courses for TMG and other forefront products.
Dutch website
English using google translation

Apr 212010

This is a very quick message since I’m busy at the moment. Yesterday one of my fellow forum members at the Petri Knowledgebase posted a very interesting link to some videos Tech·Ed 2009. Since I’m always interested in such videos I thought I should share it 🙂

Edit: At the LinkedIn website I just found the dates for Tech·Ed Europe 2010

Tech·Ed Europe 2010 will be on Nov 8-12, 2010 at the Messe Berlin Conference Center in Berlin, Germany