Aug 092011

As a more and more Server-, Storage- and virtualization engineer I’m more then exited to see that Cisco is evolving there Cisco UCS platform with 3 more new products which I received in a marketing e-mail from Cisco.

New Fabric Interconnect (Cisco UCS 6248UP) that doubles the switching capacity of the data center fabric to improve workload density (from 520Gbps to 1Tbps), reduces end-to-end latency by 40 percent to improve application performance  and provides flexible unified ports to improve infrastructure agility and transition to a fully converged fabric.

New Chassis I/O Module (Cisco UCS 2208XP) that doubles the bandwidth to the chassis (from 40Gb to 80Gb) to improve application performance and handle workload bursts (from 80Gb to 320Gb to the blade).

New Virtual Interface Card (Cisco UCS VIC 1280) that quadruples the bandwidth to the server to improve application performance (from dual 10Gb to dual 40Gb) and doubles the number of virtual interfaces to improve Virtual Machine workload density (from 128 interfaces to 256 interfaces). It also offers a choice of Hypervisor to customers by expanding VM-FEX technology to Linux based hypervisors (KVM based on RHEL 6.1).

Besides all this new hardware, Cisco will also reveal Cisco UCS 2.0 which will contain some cool features including iSCSI Boot Support in UCS Service Profile

It was already being announced in July 12, 2011 at Cisco Live, Las Vegas. Sadly enough I couldn’t attend to this event since I don’t even live close. However M. Sean McGee apparently did.  Smile I can really recommend you read his blog since, IMHO it’s really cool.