Jun 282010

Ok, it’s been a long time since I wrote something but this really bothered me for almost a week. I was trying to install Forefront Client Security in our lab environment. I really thought that this couldn’t be that hard to just get it up and running. Most applications install subcomponents automatically, or at least they request for additional subcomponents to be installed. You’d be wrong if you thought this is also the case for Forefront Client Security. I’ve learned my lesson, RTFM 🙂

Anyhow there are a couple of things you really need to know before you even consider installing Forefront Client Security. There are some pre-requisites. First of all, Forefront Client Security is currently not supported on Windows 2008 x64. So, Windows 2008 R2 isn’t supported either. This was a little shock for me since I thought 64-bit was a commonly supported platform. Well at least for Microsoft Software. 🙂 So switching back to x86 was supported but still I couldn’t manage to install Forefront Client Security on my server.

After almost a week of trying to install the Microsoft Forefront Client Security I finally found  this Microsoft document which helped me to Install it. I still think that Microsoft should do a check of what software is installed and if not, install it or ask for it.

Since I’m running WSUS on a different server, I didn’t need to install WSUS again. Still though check out the pre-installation requirements below if you want to run it all on the same server:

  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 with SP1
  • Install .NET Framework 3.0.
  • Install IIS and ASP.NET
  • Install SQL Server 2005 with SP2.
  • Install GPMC with SP1
  • Install, configure, and synchronize Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) with SP1

For me, leaving out WSUS worked fine, but come on, installing 2 versions of .NET framework, IIS, GPMC, couldn’t this be included in the installation wizard?

Anyhow, I did managed to get it up which made me pretty happy… 🙂