Apr 142010

Today one of my customers reported that the historical data couldn’t be reviewed when using the ISA console. Since I didn’t the installation I started first to see if any data was actually logged in de SQL 2005 database. While running a query against the database I noticed that data was indeed logged. So why wasn’t it possible to review the historical database?

I thought, let’s modify the ISA installation. I fired up the add or remove programs window and I choose for the ISA software. During the wizard I received this window.

Advanced logging not installed 

Ok, someone decided not to install the Advanced Logging. At first, this seems logical since we don’t need MSDE for logging. But we do need it to review historical log data even if the database is on an remote SQL server. After installing this option we finally could review the historical data. 🙂

Although I just found this option for ISA 2006 it probably also apply for ISA 2004 and TMG.