Mar 012010

Well today i learned something new… Sometimes there might be some reason that you want to login twice on the same Windows server 2008 machine with the same username. Although I think you always should give each administrator his own account. But if you really want to login multiple times with the same username, Windows server 2008 will bring your current session to the newly logged in machine. For example:

If you are logged into a Windows server 2008 machine using the administrator account and your colleague wants also to login to the same machine with the administrator account, your session will be transferred to your colleague. Ok that’s annoying…

So how do we fix this?

Press the Start button and choose for option Run. In the run field type the command “tsconfig.msc” and press OK. The terminal server configuration will be opened.

Run tsconfig.msc

Once the terminal server configuration has been opened check out the middle console. You will find the option Restrict each user to a single session.Right click this setting and choose for properties. Then you will see the following screen where you can easily remove the checkmark.Terminal Server Configuration

Properties of the restrict user to single session