Feb 162010

A while ago Microsoft has released a nice E-book (PDF) about TCP/IP Fundamentals. At the Petri forums I noticed that many engineers and admins have problems with networking or understanding it.

Well at least I didn’t knew Microsoft created this PDF, so probably others don’t know it either.
To download, click on this link.

It includes for example IPv4, IPv6, OSI, ARP, Multicast, VPN and loads more.

The chapters are:
Chapter 1 – Introduction to TCP/IP
Chapter 2 – Architectural Overview of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Chapter 3 – IP Addressing
Chapter 4 – Subnetting
Chapter 5 – IP Routing
Chapter 6 – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Chapter 7 – Host Name Resolution
Chapter 8 – Domain Name System Overview
Chapter 9 – Windows Support for DNS
Chapter 10 – TCP/IP End-to-End Delivery
Chapter 11 – NetBIOS over TCP/IP
Chapter 12 – Windows Internet Name Service Overview
Chapter 13 – Internet Protocol Security and Packet Filtering
Chapter 14 – Virtual Private Networking
Chapter 15 – IPv6 Transition Technologies
Chapter 16 – Troubleshooting TCP/IP
Appendix A – IP Multicast
Appendix B – Simple Network Management Protocol
Appendix C – Computer Browser Service

But check it out yourself!